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What do you love doing?

What do you love doing?

Do you wanna make money? DO what you LOVE.

Lately I have a lot of potent beings on my workshops and private sessions, who are stuck somwhere and are not creating their life the way they would like. 

Today's Blog is for inspiring you to start creating your life the way you know it s possible and even though you try to avoid it ;)

Now is the time to take the responsibility for your life and stop avoiding any area of it. 

Choose to be intensively present and look to even all those things you have define as unpleasant. 

You have to know that you can chane ANYTHING. But if you won't confront withyour life, who will?

And oftentimes your presence with the sitution is enough that it can easily change. 

What if everything is way more easier than you are willing to admit?

What it is required is that we stars adding to our life and constantly exending our reality. This is the ony peace and joy that exist.

I met a lot of people who are doing everything just because of money. And I also met those who are doing everything to change the world. 

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something what you love just because of the idea that this wouldn't brings you money? Or because you have decided that this wouldn't bring you enough money?

What if you will start creating it anyway and see what happens?

What if you will never ever again allow someone or something to stop you form doing what you love to do?

What if you will chose it and do it regardless of money?

Don't work for money. Start creating and allow monew to how up. And when it shows up be grateful and celebrate. 

Never stop and daily add to your life what you love. 

You can ask:"What I love doing? What brings me joy?"

You have to start acknowledging what you love doing.

Get yourself a notbook and put dow everything you love to do. Don't miss anything.

Cooking, walking my dog, reading, facilitating, talking...

And everyay you can add something new. 

And remember: Money always follow joy. 

When you have your list you can start creating. 

With which of those things can I make new revenue stream right away?

And folow your lightness and your knowing.

What if those thigs which are easy and fun for you are the ones that can bring you the most money? 

What is required for you to do, with who you have to talk and where do you have to go to start creatng your reality right away?

How much fun could you have?

Enjoy creating :)



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