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Conscious manifestation

Conscious manifestation

Do you know that you are manifesting your life every day? What if you could do that a little bit more consciously?

Let me start with our thoughts, which are the  most important part of manifestation. 

Have you acknowledged how much of your life shows up based on your thoughts? 

If you don't like something in your life (your relationship, job, body...) become aware of your thoughts and start changing them !!

And please know that you always deserve the best! That everything is yours if you just choose it. 

What if you don’t even have so many problems, but you maybe just have too much time and your automatic thoughts are set on depressive program?

Start changing this mind program now!

Train yourself to be grateful and move your focus on what you do like in your life and what else you would like to create.

It is also important that everything you want to create, you can imagine and perceive the energy of you having it.

You need to have clarity of how  you want to feel and what do you want to have as your reality.

You have to be excited about what you want to create, you need passion for that. You must know why you want it.

I suggest that you write the list of 10 things that you would like to have in your life if you could choose anything. Do not be modest.

Then adjust your thoughts and believe in yourself!

Of course only thinking about it is not enough, but it is an important part. 

Then it is time for some action and you have to start moving towards your goals.

The path can be uncomfortable, but if you know where are you going and why are you doing this, everything is easier and you will succeed. 

And in reality it is the journey that is important, not the goal. 

When we reach the goal, we already will have a new one...because this is life - endless journey of exploration and development. The sooner you start enjoying it, the sooner you will start receiving from your life.

There are only two reasons if you fail in any of your manifestations:
1.    That you have some emotional subconscious blockages that limits you from making it happen – you have to acknowledge them and change them (ex.: work on yourself, run Bars).
2.    Or you don’t really want this, you have no passion, or you are not excited. Maybe you wanted to manifest this for somebody else or to fulfill the expectations of others? Be truthful with yourself. 

There are no other reasons, why you don’t succeed.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that you can actually have everything you can imagine. ;)

So tell me, what will you manifest today and how will you change your thoughts today? Relating to your partner, your job, business, body, your kids, ...?


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