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About Nadja Ogrinc

Nadja Ogrinc

I am 22 years young enterpreneur married with consciousness. I am always exploring what else is possible and what future can I create and how can I change the world. 

When I attended my first Access Bars class back in September 2014 my life started changing in a dynamic way I never thought it is possible.  I am constantly choosing more and every day I am happier to be here and create the life beyond my wildest dreams. 

In the last two yeas I have facilitated many Access Workshops. I have classes every week. 

With my work I empower people and invite them to become more and start creating their life the way it works for them and beyond all the limitation.

I am Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Body process Facilitator and also Right Body for You Cerified Facilitator. 

I have been to many Access Classes with the founder of Acccess Consciousness Mr. Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. I am constantly choosing more and I am demanded to have total awareness.

I have done a lot of private sessions and I developed my capacites working with bodies. I invite you to more ease, peace and joy with embodiment. 

What if the purpose of life is to have fun and create?

What if you can create business, body, health, fiancial reality, sex and relationship the way they constributes to you, are nuturing and to your greatest contribution? What if you actually have a CHOICE about anything and everything? 

Are you ready for something kinder, lighter and more gentel? Come, explore and play with me.

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