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What is right with your body?

What is right with your body?

What is RIGHT with my Body?

You can use this question every time when you feel that something is going on with your body. 

We've been thought that every time, when we notice any kind of intensity, pain or some kind of change in our body, we immediately decide, that something is wrong and we go to panic or fear:

''O no, something hurts. I need to see a doctor, I need a pill...something is wrong!?"

And maybe you've been doing this even more often because of the help of the media. 

And because we decide, that something is wrong, we make a conclusion and create the problem, that maybe didn't even exist before that.

What if next time, when you notice some change or inconvenience, you would consider the possibility, that maybe nothing is so wrong with your body?

What if actually something is RIGHT with what is going on?
Or your body is just aware?

What if with this intensity your body is just letting go certain limitations, what if your body is going through detox, releasing traumatic memories, or moving a bone back to the right place... 

What if your body is just making a change, that is needed?

It could be anything and it is NOT WRONG.

Listen to my latest ZOOM about bodies.

Please trust your Body. 


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