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Transform your Finances, online program

Transform your Finances, online program

This is a 7-day intensive money program where you will:

  • change your subconscious limitations about money,
  • learn about successful MONEY MANAGEMENT,
  • learn techniques for creating money,
  • change your defense mechanisms that you are using to avoid money,
  • create your own action plan to change your financial reality and make your money work for you,
  • learn the STRATEGY how to create FINANCIAL FREEDOM no matter what is your current income.

Workbook containing 65 tasks that will help you with your FINANCIAL TRANSFORMATION

For this program I also designed a special workbook, which contains 65 carefully selected tasks and excersises, that will open the door to a different thinking and handling with money and will lead you through the process of your financial transformation.

Workbook is in English language.

With your purhase of this class you will also get the workbook in .pdf format, so you will be able to print it out if you choose so.

7 audio recordings of the class

With the purchase you will get 7 one-hour audio recordings of the seminar.

The recordings are from a live class Transform your Finances that took place in June 2021.

The class is in English language.

All of this will help you to quickly gain more awareness and change your financial reality with ease. 

It doesn't matter how much money you have right now - this all can change!!

No one should have money problems!

Open up to receiving money and erase your subconscious limitations!

What if you don't need to work hard to have money?

The missing elements of this world are knowledge and information abut the game of money. And this is exactly what you will get with this program.

While listening and exploring the content of the workbook, you will get all the awareness you need to change your finances and create abundance for yourself. 



When purchasing this class you will get (sent to your e-mail):

  • 7 one-hour audio recordings.
  • Transform your Finances workbook in English and Romanian language (PDF format).
  • The whole class is in English language (audio and video recordings).
  • Translations in Romanian language (audio format).

We suggest that before listening to the class, first answear all the questions (or at least most of them) in the workbook. After that you can start listening to the recordings. Each day listen to one recording and complete the questions and tasks related to them. In that way you will finish the whole class and complete all the tasks in one week.

What if now is the time to increase your financial reality?

What if your financial reality doesn’t depend on lucky stars, your family, heritage, a lottery, but it is only up to you?

What capacities for creating Money do you have that you are not aware of yet?



Price: 200,00 €

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