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Online Class: Phenomenal Relationships

Online Class: Phenomenal Relationships

Let's talk about family, marriage, sex, emotions, intimacy and all the ups and downs that happen in every relationship. Let's demand for the best possible relationships.

It seems easier to be single than to be in a relationship... because if you are in a relationship you need to be more of you...and in school they don't teach us about relationships? Or do they?

Your partner will press on all the buttons that no one else can because you won't let anyone else that close. But you have those buttons from your childhood.

And the secret mission of your partner is to help you release all pain and emotions from your past, to help you grow and to support you in all ways, so you can be more and create more than you could if you were single.

Has anyone ever educated you about creating phenomenal relationships or about the true meaning and power of sex - combining men & women energy and using it as the highest source of creation?

Is now the time?

That's why I have created this class!

And you know what?

We attract our partners based on our subconscious emotional and energetic experiences from our childhood.

So your partner has experienced similar pains, traumas and emotional situations as you did, that's why you are together.

And I see too many people breaking up because they don't know how to deal with the emotional pain, or they don't understand the basic differences between men and women and how each of them function.

And now is the time to learn more about this!

What are we going to explore in this online class:

  • typical differences between men and women that no one has ever told,
  • what is the purpose of being in a relationship and what is the GIFT of relationship,
  • what contribution can your partner's emotions be to you, including anger or sadness,
  • how to release emotions and set yourself free with the help of your partner (partner's emotions),
  • true meaning of sex,
  • how to overcome pain of relationships that is based on our childhood,
  • sexual healing,
  • elements for creating phenomenal relationship,
  • much more.

Choose this powerful and transformational online class and transform all your relationships forever or open to new phenomenal creationship.

Let's not give up on you and let's change all relationships into something far greater that has ever been possible.



  • You will recieve 4 hour long audio recording in two parts in ENGLISH language. 
  • You will also receive audio recordings with class translations to Slovak, French, Romanian and Serbian language.

What else is truly possible for you and your relationships?

How much more caring can you receive??

Price: 50,00 €

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