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Online Class: Ease with Entities

Online Class: Ease with Entities

What if the reason for your health or mental issues is that you are actually aware of entities, but you haven't acknowledged that yet?

Entities awareness can show up as:

  • headache,
  • allergies,
  • depression,
  • constant dialog in your head,
  • forced thoughts,
  • smells,
  • need for smoke, drink, or food...,
  • mood swings,
  • nausea,
  • constant tiredness,
  • fear,
  • different health issues, ...

Is now the time to change that in a very simple way and with total ease?

This online class in an invitation for you to end all the fear of entities forever and change your problems!

If this is the topic you try to avoid then there is definitely something for you that can expand your life on all levels.

Entities are beings without bodies and there is a whole kingdom of them - many different types. There are dead spirits, light beings, drinking or smoking entities, also your business is an entity by itself etc.

Due to the movies and lack of awareness in our society there is a lot of fear and lies connected to the entities.

In this zoom I invite you to start acknowledging what are you aware of, so you will be able to free yourself from all the fear and expend your possibilities.

In this online class you will get more information about the entities, learn how to remove them from bodies and buildings, and learn about everything there is to know, so you will not be afraid of them anymore.

Benefits if you are willing to be aware of the entities and learn how to deal with them?

  • more energy;
  • more peace and ease;
  • increase in money flows;
  • better relationships;
  • better health;
  • ease with your body;
  • end of addictions;
  • better psycho-phisical well-being;
  • more clarity;
  • more joy, ...

Choose this class and change your life forever!

You will recieve one hour long video recording. 

The video recording is in ENGLISH and you will also receive audio recordings with translated languages (Slovenian, Slovak, French and Romanian).

Price: 40,00 €

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