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Yes to Receiving

Yes to Receiving
Location: Online
Price: 70,00 €

Are you one of those magical beings who is aware of how much more is there to receive?

Are you judging yourself based on receiving?
What if you don't have problems with receiving, instead you are just so aware, how much more is there to receive?

What if you could open up and demand to RECEIVE more in this year.

Big YES to receiving?

However it shows up... in any form, structure, place, project, person...

What else is possible for you to receive that is even greater from what you've received so far?

Is now the time?

What if you could receive even if it is not perfect?

Join me on this 20 days long advanture where we will demand for receivnig and upgrade our lives in all aspects.

More money, more joy, more ease, more nurturing energy, more sex, more travel, more business projects, more classes, more participants, more FUN, more joy, more OF everything, MOREE !!

Time is for greater to show up. Let's receive it!!

Tame: Every day at 11pm for 15 mins
Date: From 7th to 26th of January
Facilitator: Nadja Ogrinc, CF, Right Body for You CF
Price: 70 eur

***After I receive your payment I will add you to closed FB group where every day I will do a FB live with an energy pull exercise :)

Translated Langugaes

- Hungarian
- Slovenian
- Geman
- French


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