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Budapest: Right Body for You 2,5 day workshop with Nadja

What if your body is not a problem but an untapped possibility? Is now the time to change that for all bodies in the entire world?

Budapest: Right Body for You 2,5 day workshop with Nadja
Dates: Friday, 7. December 2018
Location: Hungary, Budapest
Price: 1.250,00 €

What does your body know?

 What if you could start receiving the awareness your body is gifting  you?

This class is an invitation to the exploration of endless posibilities for creating your life with the contribution of your body.

How often do you judge your body? How often are you stopping yourself from choosing the posibilities in your life, because you have made your body as an excuse so you don't choose?

How much is the feeling of your body based on the judgements you have about it?

Do you want to change this? What if you will just become kinder to your sweet beautiful magical body and start receiving from it?

What if you are not your body? What if your body is actually a part of you? What if it is not seperated from you?

Come, expore with me what else is possible with your life, with your body, with the embodiment, with the Earth and more. 

What if that awareness around bodies can change everything for YOU?

is now the time?

The only prerequisite for this workshop is that you have a Body and that you are ready for a total change of everything :)

Can't wait to meet YOU in person. 


The full price is 1250 USD. Country pricing applies.


Laszlo Teleki


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