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Right Body for You 2,5 day workshop

What if your body is not a problem but an untapped possibility? Is now the time to change that for all bodies in the entire world?

Right Body for You 2,5 day workshop
Dates: Friday, 7. September 2018
Location: Croatian seaside
Price: 864,00 €

What if your body is not what you tink it is? What if it is so much more? 

This class is vital if you want to change how you perceive your body and when you change this your whole life changes. 

Right Body for You seminar is not about getting your body right. It is about changing the way you can be with your Body.

We explore different ways of beng with your Body. Including consciouss eating, sleeping, moving, having sex, money flows, travelling and everything else. 

What if everything is  totally different and easier than you have been taught?  

This class is like a Foundation for your Body and also after the class your perception of all body processes will change forever.

Have you struggled with weight, eating disorders, pain, illness or body image insecurities? 

Do you and your body feel joy every day? What if you could?  What would your life be like then?  

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Build Communication and Communion with your body
  • Develop Conscious Eating Habits
  • Increase your psychic awareness
  • Eliminate points of view that are keeping you from generating the life and body you and your body desire. Including media and DNA
  • End judgments of your body and YOU
  • Be the you you know you truly are!

Have you been wanting to change your body and your life?  What if the key to life was not judging your body but being grateful for it?  How would your life change generating it from that space?

What if your body was your best friend?

This workshop was created by Donnielle Carter and is based on the Right Body for You tools that were developed by Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness™ Co-Creator Dr. Dain Heer. 

The only prerequisite for this workshop is that you have a Body :)

Come explore with me! 



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