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30 days of Energy Pulls MAY 2020

30 days of Energy Pulls MAY 2020 FB Group
Location: Online, online
Price: 30,00 €

What if your #quarantine can be creative beyond this reality?

You can stay in bed and change your future or you can just stay in bed. What are you going to choose? 

What can you create?

Join me for 30 days of intensive energy pulls and creating new future for you, for us and for the whole world. 

Every day we will do different exercise on different topic so you will learn how to energetically create anything in your life. We will also explore new tools of Access Consciousness.

We will pull everything we truly desire into our lives. 

We will open up to more receiving and change our lives into something grater!

Every day I will do 15 mins exercise into private FB Group at 2pm CET.

All the recordings will be available to you forever, so you can watch the video anytime later. 

By the experiences this is the most powerful and the most transformative workshop you can take. 

Date: From 1st to 30th of MAY 2020. 

Location: Online, Closed FB Group

When we will receive your payment we will add you to the closed FB Group.

What life and living can you have if you join us?

What if now is the time to create the future that you don't want believe it is possible for YOU?




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