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Zoom: 7. Key to total freedom

Zoom: 7. Key to total freedom
Lokacija: Zoom
Cena: 33,00 €

Where have you locked all your capacities to create your life as fun, exuberant and generative creation of different possibilities for the whole planet?

What if there were 10 simple keys to unlock all of that?

Well, guess what, there are!!

And just to make it easier and more fun we are gonna explore them together.

Join us for a 10 week adventure based on an Access Consciousness book »10 keys to total freedom«.

We will meet online every Tuesday 21 pm CET to expand our capacities of consciousness and get more choice with anything we're being stuck with.

Depression, lack of money, relationship issues, body problems and many other situations that have seemed insurmountable till now.

What if now is the time to step into that space where everything is just a choice and where the future we desire becomes a reality.


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